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What is the Business Networking Formula?

The Business Networking Formula (BNF) assists you in developing partnerships you know, like, and trust; teaches you how to collaborate with industry specific partners who introduce you to people, products, and processes that cause you to generate massive value. We do this two different ways:

1. We host online business networking meetings giving you endless opportunities to meet new partners and develop profitable relationships. Each 30 minute meeting is held online via Zoom with 5 other business professionals. 

2. We offer online training. As a business owner you never want to stop learning. We are working with top coaches to bring you courses to help you improve you business and personal skills.

How does it work?

First you need to create a free account. That gives you access to create your business profile and training. Once you’ve created your account and update you profile, head on over and RSVP to any of the upcoming online business networking meeting.

What is an Online Business Networking Meeting?

They are mini business networking meeting held online via Zoom. Zoom is a software that allows us to have bring up to 5 business professionals at the same time.

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