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Welcome to the Business Networking Formula

I’m excited to share with you today “The Partnership Path.”

This is the 40,000-foot view looking down on the Partnership Path. It’s crucial to look at the whole picture before we dive in deeper. I want you to understand the bigger picture, where we’re going and why.

The Partnership Path is a step-by-step guide walking you through developing profitable relationships with industry partners you know, like and trust; ultimately building an Alliance Team that produces huge value in the community.

I’m talking about the BNF Secret Sauce. It’s very exciting, logical, and possible for anyone in any industry.

However, I have to be honest…It’s going to take a ton of work because relationships take time and can be difficult to build. Once you’ve mastered the Partnership Plan, you’ll begin connecting with the right people, spending less time looking for business, and more time following up on referrals.

Imagine your phone ringing daily with new referrals. Fun stuff.

We must all walk the same path in order to build profitable relationships with industry partners we know, like, and trust. It’s the best way to build a team and generate consistent quality referrals.

Stage #1: “Discover” Your Industry Partners

Create a top 10 list of Industry Specific Partners who are most likely to pass you referrals. They’re in the same industry as you but not in competition and they speak to your typical client daily.

Stage #2: Get Connected!

Consistently attend BNF meetings, share your list with Connectors and get introductions to Industry Partners. Set up 3 to 5 one-to-one meetings. Find the right person.

Stage #3: Get to “Know” Your Partners!

Setup a meeting one-to-one with an Industry Partner. Spend time getting to know each other; What is their story? What is the passion behind them? How do they help people? Who is an ideal client? Who are their Industry Partners? Share Referral Profiles.

Stage #4: Do you “Like” Them?

Make a personal decision. Do you want to work with them? Could you refer them business? Are they an Industry Partner? Are they a Connector? If you like them, set up a second meeting to Build Trust!

Stage #5: Build “Trust” That Last.

Can you work together? The best way to build confidence is to pass them a referral for business. Start by giving one referral to each other, handle business “Follow-up” and build the trust. Since you’re both in the same industry it should be rather easy to pass business. Review Referral Profiles.

Stage #6: “Plan” To Build a Referral Bridge.

Discuss how to link your businesses together. Create a bridge to pass a client consistently. Meet weekly to stay connected, build rapport, and be accountable. Example: A Mobile DJ ask if they need a photographer in a survey, and passes a referral to the photographer if they’re still seeking one.

Stage #7: Be the first to “Refer”

Lead by example. Be the first to pass a referral then keep your Partner informed. Have a “Giver” mentality. Refer frequently.

Stage #8: “Receive” Massive Referrals

Be ready to receive referrals, handle them immediately and keep your Partner informed. Ask for referral frequently.

Stage #9: Develop an “Alliance Team”

Set up a regular meeting with your Partner(s). Create accountability, review plans, collaborate to build massive value, review your Industry Partner list and start the process over again.

I don’t want you to fall into the percentage of folks who fail at networking because no one has ever told them how to do.

Business networking is about building relationships, getting connected to the right people and working closely with those people to generate tremendous value.

I’m telling you right now is going to take work, it’s not going to always be easy, and it takes time.


Relationships are built on trust.
Trust takes time and experiences.
And there is no way to speed up time or experiences.

Make sense?
But if you stick with us, work through the Partnerships Path, attend meetings regularly, you will begin to a network, an Alliance Team that will change your business bottom line and life forever.

That I can promise you.

You’ve already taken the first step and joined BNF.

It’s now time to teach you the skills you need to succeed.

It’s crucial to your success within BNF you take the time to watch the training videos, print & download the worksheets, get them completed and ask for help you need it.

You’re not alone anymore. You now have a community of folks that care about you and care about your success.

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